OZEV Available Schemes

Overview of the Electric Vehicle chargepoint for landlords Scheme 

The EV chargepoint grant for landlords gives financial support to landlords and other entities to buy and install electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints at residential or commercial properties in the UK.

To access the grant, a landlord must first register. Installers approved by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) can then make claims for work completed on their behalf.

The grant provides funding towards the cost of buying and installing EV chargepoints.

Chargepoints may be able to charge one or more vehicles simultaneously, depending on the number of sockets they have.

The grant amount given is per chargepoint socket installed. It provides up to 75% of the cost towards the purchase and installation of a chargepoint socket, limited to £350 per grant.

Landlords can receive up to 200 grants a year for residential properties, and a further 100 for commercial properties.

These may be across a number of properties and installations or just for one property.

The grant is provided by OZEV.

How the grant works

You can get funding towards 75% of the total cost of buying and installing an OZEV approved chargepoint, up to a maximum of £350 per socket installed.

The number of sockets a chargepoint has is defined by how many vehicles it can simultaneously charge.

Details of how many sockets a chargepoint has may be found on the list of OZEV approved chargepoint models.

The grant involves the following steps:

  1. The landlord must register with DVLA using the EV chargepoint grant for landlords registration form.
  2. The landlord chooses an OZEV approved installer for the work to be undertaken at an eligible property.
  3. Once work is complete, the installer applies for the grant on behalf of the landlord. The installer will need tell OZEV what was installed and send evidence to verify this. This will include a copy of the invoice and photos of the chargepoints installed.

If the grant is awarded, OZEV will pay the grant to your installer, who must pass the discount on to you.

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Overview of the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a voucher-based scheme that provides eligible applicants with support towards the upfront costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints.

It is available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but not in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

How the scheme works

The WCS is open to businesses, charities and public sector organisations that meet the applicant and site eligibility criteria.

The grant covers up to 75% of the total costs of the purchase and installation of EV chargepoints (inclusive of VAT), capped at a maximum of:

  • £350 per socket
  • 40 sockets across all sites per applicant – for instance, if you would like to install them in 40 sites, you will have 1 socket available per site

After applying using the online application form, successful applicants are issued with a unique identification voucher code by email, which can then be given to any OZEV-authorised WCS installer.

Once the chargepoint(s) have been installed, the authorised installer can claim the grant from OZEV on the applicant’s behalf. The chargepoint installation must be completed and the voucher claimed within 6 months of the voucher’s issue date. Claims against expired vouchers will not be paid.

Installers must not charge applicants for the grant in advance of payment being made by OZEV. After OZEV reimburses your installer for the value of your voucher, this cost will be discounted from your final invoice.

If you apply for less than 40 sockets, you can submit additional applications in the future until you reach that limit.

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