EHS, Quality Auditing & Business Management Solutions

Quality Audits

Oracy undertake quality audits across all type of telecom work streams, mobile, fixed line and commercial networks. Our audit team work with the client and their supplier to improve the quality which will help to reduce potential service affecting faults and operational and maintenance costs.

  • Telecom Quality Audit Fixed and Mobile Networks
  • Desktop Hand Over Pack Audits
  • Engineer assessments and Training
  • Remote Quality Audits
  • Decommissioning Audits
  • Site Defect Rectification
  • Technical Support

EHS Services

Oracy provide support to telecommunication networks and contractors in the UK and Ireland. We understand that each client has individual requirements; so a bespoke arrangement is made to suit their needs.

  • EHS Consultancy and Support
  • H & S Management
  • Health and Safety Site Audit
  • On Site Training
  • QPL Management
  • CPP, SSMP & SSOW Reviews
  • Risk Assessment
  • Accident Investigation

Enhanced EHS and Quality Audit

Oracy provide Quality and Health and safety support to several contracting companies in the UK. These companies want an independent view of their work and On Site H & S compliance. A bespoke arrangement is made that suits their company requirements.

  • Health & Safety Consultancy.
  • H & S Management.
  • Health and Safety Site Audit.
  • SSOW Audit.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Accident Investigation.
  • Quality Assess and Audit the engineers on site during operations.
  • Assess Technical Competence.
  • Full vehicle and equipment audit.
  • Asset Verification.
  • PAT Testing.
  • Torque tool calibration.
  • PPE Calibration.
  • Record Maintenance.
  • Tool box training.

Equipment Inspections

Oracy can offer a wide range of equipment and certification service which can be provide in the clients premises or on-site. The on-site solution allows the team to remain productive, reducing down time cost and programme delays.

  • PPE Inspection and Certification
  • Manual LOLER Equipment Inspection and Certification
  • PAT Testing
  • Torque tool calibration
  • Record Maintenance

Delivery Management Solutions

It is sometimes necessary to add senior management expertise to the leadership team to deliver a project. In real cost terms having an expert for the project duration is less expensive.

  • Interim Management
  • Global placement capability
  • Rapid Response
  • Senior Executive Experience (Heavy Hitters)
  • Project Recovery
  • PMO establishment and management
  • Operating Process Development

Why choose us

  • Proven track record of delivery across many project and countries.
  • Skilled resources form various backgrounds giving a broad range of expertise available to clients rather than a small number of in-house personnel.
  • Nationwide coverage for on-site audits.
  • Innovative solution to meet the end client requirements.
  • Independent and unbiased view of systems and results.
  • Capacity to increase workforce to meet customer demands or likewise decrease when no requirement
  • Flexible approach to project structure and costings
  • Dedicated Project Support Team and single point of contact.


  • Technical Engineering Support
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Support and Train NSN engineers
  • Ensure that correct documentation and software is being utilised
  • Quality Audits
  • QPL Management
  • Contractor Assessment
  • H & S On Site Audits
  • H & S Contractor Assessment
  • Project Inductions for Contractors
  • CPP, SSoW & RAM Reviews
  • H & S On Site Audits
  • On Site Quality Audits

Audits on the following Projects

  • TTT
  • BT 21CN Trip Infill
  • BT 21CN New Structure
  • BT FTTC and FTTP
  • BT GFast
  • BT NGA Headends
  • EE 2G Refresh
  • EE Power and satellite resilience
  • VF UK Moran
  • VM Lightening
  • H & S Management
  • H & S Contractor Assessment
  • CPP/SSoW Reviews
  • Compile Weekly Risk Register
  • H & S On site Audits
  • H & S Review of Contractors HOP’s
  • QPL Management
  • Project Inductions for Contractors
  • Provision of training
  • On site H & S inspections
  • Exchange H & S inspections
  • On Site Quality Audits
  • HOP Quality Inspections
  • PPE inspections on over 1000 engineers
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Database development
  • EHS Support
  • Quality Auditing of BTS.
  • Full Audit of Macro Sites, Streetworks & Microcells
  • Nationwide
  • Collation and Diagnosis of Field Reports
  • Follow up on minor Remedials
  • Carrying out a full audit of all civil, ironwork, electrical & engineering installations.
  • Working alongside client in identification and rectification of all faults, Service and Non-Service affecting.
  • Building a National fault register identifying geographical and specific Contractor trends.
  • Working on a multitude of Site builds. Railside, Motorway, Highway, Tower, Room build, Indoor, Streetworks and Microcells. Auditing 2G, GPRS, 3G  & 4G Networks.
  • On Site Quality Audits on Maintenance Programme
  • Nationwide Rollout
  • Radio Transmission PDH & SDH
  • Band A – Audit – to include up to 2 audits / per day, to include 1-2 hour of reworks which would clear a site, complete checklist / handover pack.
  • Band B – Site works which can’t be cleared during an audit but would be scheduled on 2 per day basis to clear a site, complete clearance section of the checklist / handover pack.
  • Band C – Complex site works – to include full re-installation of a link end (one end only per team), Only one activity would be completed in a working day. To clear a site, complete clearance section of the checklist / handover pack.
  • 1 man clearance team option due to non-climbing faults.
  • Second man climber to supplement Nokia Siemens auditor.
  • Outage & Access planning carried out
  • Equipment ordering, storage and distribution
  • Spares Management
  • Audit of GSM sites in various locations including Jersey and the Isle of Man.
  • Full site audit of Macro sites, Street works and Microcells Nationwide.
  • Collation of Diagnosis of Field Reports.
  • Follow up on minor remedial’s carrying out a full audit of all civils, ironworks, electrical and engineering installations. Working alongside client in identification and rectification of all faults, service and non service affecting. Building a national fault register identifying geographical and specific contractor trends.
  • Working on a multitude of site builds, tower, room build, indoor, Streetworks and Microcells. Auditing 2G, GRPS and 3G networks.
  • Systems Audit and Business Consultancy Caribbean Islands
  • Quality Audits on POP sites through out Europe
  • EHS Management Support
  • Technical Support
  • Scoping of Failing Programme
  • Development of fast track Recovery Plan
  • Strategic Technology Realignment from GSM 2100 to 850
  • Programme Delivery Director (reporting directly to CTO)
  • International Client with operations in 16 Countries including; Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Ivory Coast, Burundi and Barbados.
  • Scoping of PMO Requirements
  • Map synergies and Best Practices
  • Develop Procedures
  • Develop BAU continuity plan
  • Coach and create an exit strategy to handover to internal resource.

Turnkey Project Management and Supervision.  Planning and Wayleave negotiation.

  • 320km Trunk Route, Dublin – Galway – Shannon
  • Design
  • GIS
  • Project Management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Wayleave Negotiations
  • Fibre Supervision, Installation, Splicing & Testing
  • Installation & Commissioning

In 1999 the Irish Government awarded the construction of the Western Digital Corridor to Ocean, (a joint venture of British Telecom & Electrical Supply Board).   Oracy provided the Project Management. Team.  Oracy were responsible for the Wayleave negotiations with the local transport authorities, design, and supervision of all sub-contractors, carrying out all civil construction, fibre placement & testing.

Construction of a 320km route undertaken in three carefully – managed stages to minimise environmental disruption and ensure completion of the project by December 2000