Electric Vehicle Charging – Workplace

Save £500 per single socket charger

Oracy Limited have been approved by OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) to access funding for the Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Scheme; meaning that we can save you £500 on every single socket charger that we install.

The Workplace Charging grant provides £500 towards the cost of installing a single socket Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station. This funding is granted for up to a maximum of 20 Charging stations; either 20 single socket or 10 double socket charging stations.

To qualify for this grant, you must have off-street parking and use an OLEV-approved installer.

We supply a range of EV charging points made by various manufacturers, including Rolec, the UK’s leading manufacturer of EV charging points, EO Charging, who created the fastest EV charger on the market; the eoMini and EV Box, who have had their chargers installed in over 30 countries worldwide. Oracy Limited are the first Northern commercial supplier of EV Box products.

As well as installing more advanced models, we also supply basic, ‘no-nonsense’ chargers that come with no software; you simply plug them in and instantly get a charge.

The UK Department of Transport estimates by 2020 1 in 5 cars will be electric, meaning that there will be over two million electric vehicles in the UK. By investing in EV charging stations, you are benefitting your company both environmentally and financially.

Manufacturer’s Standard Installation’ Criteria: 

  • You must have an OLEV approved charge point.
  • There is a maximum run of 10 meters from the distribution board to the charge point.
  • The distribution board must have a spare breaker on a Non-RCD (Residual Current Device) protected unit.
  • The cable must be able to be surface mounted and clipped direct to wall surface. No ground works.
  • The charge point location and the car will be charging inside a garage.
  • The earthing arrangement on the designated property must comply with current regulations.
  • The charge point will be installed to the new 2018 edition wiring regulation.
  • Any additional extras will be quoted at the time of survey
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EO BASIC THREE-PHASE: The eoBasic Three-Phase charger is designed to fast charge every EV on the market. It is super easy to install and is perfect for charging-up at work or on-the-go. With no software, it’s just a simple plug and play charging solution.

EO HUB: eoHub is a little internet connected box that plugs into an eoGenius charger and puts it online. One eoHUB can connect up to 30 eoGenius chargers, making installing multiple smart chargers super cost-effective. eoHUB allows you to control your eoGenius chargers via eoCloud and eoApp.

EO GENIUS: Coupled with the eoHUB, the Genius charger is supersmart. eoGenius is designed for charging-up at home, work and on-the-go (i.e. hotels and carparks) eoHUB connects the eoGenius to eoCloud software and eoApp.

*For a full list of EO’s Products, please see their brochure


Rolec Products

WallPod: EV Ready: Our WallPod: EV Ready unit provides the homebuilder with a low cost, future proof solution that, as well as providing EV charging in Mode 2 format (easily upgradable to full Mode 3) to satisfy planning, also doubles up as an outdoor IP65 rated domestic 13amp maintenance socket. This unit is ideal for the homebuilder. 

WallPod: EV MultiMode: This range is comprises entry level home charging units designed to offer full Mode 3, 16amp (3.6kW) or 32amp (7.2 kW) fast charging to all electric vehicles. This unit also provides an IP65 rated 13amp domestic socket, ideal for home/garden maintenance, and is available in either J1772 or IEC 62196 tethered cable versions.

*For a full list of EO’s Products, please see their brochure


EV Box Products

BusinessLine: BusinessLine tracks and invoices all your charging sessions automatically. Available with double connectors and optional fixed cables. BusinessLine allows two cars to charge simultaneously. Its unique LED ring ensures optimal connection between you, the station and your charge card provider at all times.

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