Electric Vehicle Charging – Workplace

Save £350 per single socket charger

Oracy Limited are approved by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) to access the Workplace Charge Scheme (WCS) funding.

The Workplace Charging Scheme provides eligible applicants with support towards the upfront cost of purchase and installation of charge points. The contribution is limited at  75% of purchase and installation costs, up to a maximum of £350 for each socket capped at 40 sockets across all sites for each applicant.

We supply a range of EV charging points made by various manufacturers, including (but not limited to) EO, Easee, ICS and Garo.

As well as installing more advanced models, we also supply basic, ‘no-nonsense’ chargers that come with no software; you simply plug them in and instantly get a charge.

It is expected that by 2030 there will need to be 400,000 public charge points and 1.9 million private charge points to power the estimated 2.3 million EVs by 2032! With the government aiming to ban new petrol and diesel cars from general sale by 2030 and have a complete ban on fossil fuelled vehicles by 2050 the time is now to prepare for the EV revolution and help to save our environment.

OZEV qualifying criteria: 

  • You must have an OZEV approved charge point.
  • Your charger must be installed by an OZEV approved workplace installer.
  • You must have dedicated off street parking for staff/fleet.
  • The cable must be able to be surface mounted and clipped direct to wall surface.
  • No proof of EV is required but the business need to encourage EV update amongst staff/fleet must be stated.
  • You must own the property or have consent from the landlord for the installation.
  • The charge point will be installed to the BS 7671:2018 Amendment 1 (2020).
  • Any additional extras will be quoted at the time of survey
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EO BASIC THREE-PHASE: The eoBasic Three-Phase charger is designed to fast charge every EV on the market. It is super easy to install and is perfect for charging-up at work or on-the-go. With no software, it’s just a simple plug and play charging solution.

EO HUB: eoHub is a little internet connected box that plugs into an eoGenius charger and puts it online. One eoHUB can connect up to 30 eoGenius chargers, making installing multiple smart chargers super cost-effective. eoHUB allows you to control your eoGenius chargers via eoCloud and eoApp.

EO GENIUS: Coupled with the eoHUB, the Genius charger is supersmart. eoGenius is designed for charging-up at home, work and on-the-go (i.e. hotels and carparks) eoHUB connects the eoGenius to eoCloud software and eoApp.


EASEE CHARGE COMMERCIAL CHARGING: Easee Charge maximises the available electrical capacity in your building. When multiple Charging Robots are connected to the same fuse, the available energy on the circuit will be automatically and dynamically distributed between units.

EASEE READY / PLUG AND PLAY: With Easee Ready (backplate and blind cover) you can prepare to get a future charging point at low cost. To upgrade to a full charge point, you can at any time buy the Easee Plug & Play (Chargeberry and front cover in any colour).

It’s scalable thanks to our innovative Plug & Play technology. This allows you to easily scale the system without any additional electrical work


ICSW7C Intelligent Charger: The ICSW7C is suitable for workplace, destination and home charging. Installation times are extremely quick and the charging range is up to 30 miles charging per hour. Plus you get a 2.8″ LCD display and full OCPP 1.6J protocols including smart charging.


YOU  CAN WITH ORACY!: The last few years have hit businesses hard, and in most cases business projects for EV charger installs have been put on hold due to the lack of available budget. Oracy understand that and we are proud to now be working with Leasegroup to offer our customers the opportunity to either partially finance or entirely finance the project and move forward with their EV installations sooner without the need for finding the upfront costs.

Call our EV team now to discuss the options available and be part of the move to a zero emissions future.

Fleetmaxx Solutions/MaxxEV

EV CHARGING MADE SIMPLE FOR YOUR BUSINESS: With one bill, you can pay for all energy used by company vehicles that are charged at your employees’ homes or at public charge points.

This means one monthly payment for all EV charging use. We make managing your EV charging costs easy.

Pay all EV charging costs, whether at home or on the road, in one monthly bill.

Tap Electric

Oracy Ltd is proud to be working with Tap Electric who are an Amsterdam based company making charging your car easy and affordable and giving business owners an opportunity to open a new revenue stream with their EV chargers that’s easy and cost efficient.

It brings a unified, app-first charging experience that provides drivers with full control over their charging and payment. As an owner of Easee’s charging units, you can connect with Tap Electric for free. We pay out to owners automatically based on the tariffs they set, while drivers get access to those chargers with one tap.

Features worth noting are:

  • Apple Pay, Mastercard, VISA payments.
  • Customizable card authorisation (with immediate fund release)
  • Auto Stop (automatically stop charging on a specific time, energy or cost)
  • Live tariff updates (users see what they pay during the session)
  • Messaging (groups and peer 2 peer)

Admin access to charger management allows the admin user to:   

  • Set tariffs
  • Change visibility in the app for other users
  • See and download invoices
  • View messages between the charger and the app.
For more information, please call us on 01246437220 or